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Deflationary ECR20 Utility Token
$FRG is a deflationary ERC20 utility token on the Ethereum blockchain. The $FRG token was fair launched with supply starting at zero and has been distributed via staking and other rewards. No team tokens were awarded. All future decisions regarding FRG will be made via The Rana DAO

Primary Goals for $FRG

  • Create Utility for The Frogs
  • Get listed on major exchanges


  • Maximum supply is 300,000,000 $FRG
    • Initial intended supply is 200,000,000 of $FRG
      • Reserve supply of 100,000,000 $FRG


The Plague has no control of the value of $FRG nor will it comment on the speculative price for $FRG.


Supply of $FRG is distributed passively through staked Frogs or as rewards (determined by Rana DAO) for active Frogs

  • Passive Supply Distribution via Staked NFTs
    • Passive supply distribution from staked Frogs will be a minimum of 100,000,000 $FRG tokens at a maximum potential rate of 3,219,300 (details below) $FRG tokens per month
    • It is possible for $FRG to be distributed passively via staking from other NFTs
    • Total passive supply distribution will not exceed 4,219,300 $FRG per month
  • Active Supply Distribution Rewards
    • Active supply distribution will start at 99,000,000 $FRG.
    • The Rana DAO will determine active rewards criteria
    • Active $FRG supply can be earned by any NFT
    • Frogs should always earn more $FRG than non-Frogs for like actions
  • TOTAL Monthly $FRG distribution will not exceed 5,000,000 per month (Passive + Active)
Note: 1,000,000 $FRG was airdropped to Frogs that made it through the first three snapshots.