Staked Frogs

To earn $FRG passively, stake your Frog

Staked Frogs

Stake your frogs at

Rewards Clock

  • Your "Rewards Clock" starts when you stake your Frog

    • Rewards increase from 100 $FRG every 30 days to 300 $FRG every 30 days over time (schedule below)

  • Staked Frogs are rewarded $FRG every 30 days

    • Day 1 - Day 90 Frogs earn 100 $FRG every 30 days

    • Day 91 - Day 180 Frogs earn 200 $FRG every 30 days

    • Day 181 onward Frogs earn 300 $FRG every 30 days

  • If you un-stake your Frog your Rewards Clock starts over from Day 1

  • Claiming rewards does not affect your reward clock

Staked Frogs NFT

After staking your Frog, you will received a "Staked Frog NFT". This NFT cannot be sold or transferred. It can be used to verify your Frog ownership in lieu of your original Frog NFT as needed (token gated content, Twitter Blue hex, etc.)

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