Unique Frog Utility

We are not like other NFT projects

It is important to recognize that The Plague is not just one thing. We are not just an NFT project. We are not just making a game. We are not just making an intellectual property (IP) play. We are building a Web3 Brand that will be made up of many brands.

Which is why our new website is https://plaguebrands.io

This means we will have many paths we can take to create demand pulls for $FRG. It also means that we do not have all of our eggs in one basket. Most projects are only focused on one path. Which means if that path fails, the project is dead.

Once again, The Plague will have many paths.

$FRG Use Cases

  • Plague owned businesses can utilize $FRG via buy backs and token gating

  • Affiliated businesses, and strategic partnerships can buy $FRG with revenues or profits. The purchased $FRG will be deposited in the Rana DAO pool where it will be redistributed via Frog Staking or it will be burned.

  • The Plague will have multiple marketplaces that will require $FRG to purchase NFTs or to unlock certain benefits.

  • Some larger investment opportunities (KYC and/or 1099's needed) will require $FRG

  • Others on our roadmap that we are unwilling to disclose at this time

This roadmap is mysterious on purpose. But you will notice, there are many possibilities. And there is room to add more!

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