Frog Coin ($FRG)
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Token Sinks & Deflationary Events


Token Sinks - An event that creates a token burn or permenant reduction of supply
Deflationary Event - An event that reduces the circulating supply by depositing $FRG into the Rana DAO Pool

NOTE: There will be multiple announcements during the month of October that will reinforce what is outlined below.

Token Sinks

  • $FRG Use Cases
    • Plague owned businesses, affiliated businesses, and strategic partnerships can buy $FRG with revenues or profits. This $FRG would be deposited in the Rana DAO treasury and either be burned or redeposited in the staking pool.
    • Planned investment opportunities (KYC and/or 1099's likely needed) could require $FRG to participate
    • Some future mints will require $FRG
  • Token Sink "Events"
    • Numerous token sink "events" are planned over the next 36 months
    • Any $FRG acquired via these "events" will deposited in the Rana DAO treasury. The DAO will decide whether or not to burn them or to hold them for future use.
  • $FRG Transaction Tax
    • The $FRG contract allows us to introduce a "tax" on $FRG transactions
      • This tax is currently set at 0%
      • The Rana DAO has the ability to exclude Frog holders from this tax
      • Revenues from tax will be deposited in Rana DAO treasury
  • DAO Created Mechanisms
    • With a majority vote approval The Rana DAO can vote to burn supply for any reason.